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Government Of Assam Power Assam Power Distribution Company Limited

Register a New Connection

Checklist for New Connection

Checklist of documents - LT Connection (Below 20 KW)

  • Proof of legal occupation of the premises along-with the copy map of the premises/ land, indicating proposed point of supply, duly approved by the local authority. In case of streetlights the location of street light poles shall be indicated in the map
  • Approval / permission of the local authority, if required under any law / statute.
  • In case of a partnership firm, partnership deed.
  • In case of a Limited Licensee, Memorandum and articles of Association and Certificate of incorporation.
  • Proof of permanent residential address of the applicant.
  • Electrical Contractor’s Test Report (The Contractor’s Test report may not be submitted with the Application but the supplier may require at least 7 days’ time for providing the connection after receipt of the Test Report.)