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    IPDS has been launched by Govt. of India for the urban areas (statutory towns) only having population up to 15000 as per Census 2011 (for special category states including north eastern states the population threshold is 5000) with the following components -

    1. Strengthening of Sub-transmission and Distribution network in urban areas including provisioning of solar panels on Govt. buildings including Net-metering.
    2. Metering of feeders/distribution transformers/ consumers in urban areas.
    3. IT enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network , as per CCEA approval dated 21.06.2013 for completion of the targets laid down under R-APDRP for 12th and 13th Plans by subsuming R-APDRP in IPDS and carrying forward the approved outlay for R-APDRP to IPDS.
    4. The existing scheme of R-APDRP will be continued as a separate component of IPDS for IT enablement of distribution sector (Part-A IT & SCADA projects under R-APDRP) and strengthening of distribution network (Part-B projects under R-APDRP) in the urban areas.

    Up-to-date status of IPDS in Assam (As on 01.07.2016)

    • Total 88 Nos of Statutory towns (62 Nos of R-APDRP towns and 26 Nos of Non R-APDRP towns) are declared as Eligible towns for implementation of IPDS in Assam.
    • Formal Sanction for IPDS implementation was received from PFC vide letter no. 02:10:IPDS:APDCL/Assam/Vol. I/36813 dtd. 08.03.2016 (Grant nos. 62151001 to 62151019). Project to be completed by 07.09.2018 ie 30 months from the date of sanction). Now works are going on for preparation of Tender documents for floating of necessary bids for 88 project areas (towns) covered under 19 Electrical Circles of APDCL. The process of tendering, finalisation of turnkey contractor and award of contract is to be completed within 6 months from the date of sanction as per IPDS Guidelines.
    • M/s Biecco Lawrie Limited, Kolkata has been appointed as the Project Management Agency (PMA) for efficient and effective implementation of IPDS vide LOA no. CGM (PP&D)/APDCL/IPDS/T-152/PMA/2016/4147 dtd. 23.02.2016.