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Government Of Assam Power Assam Power Distribution Company Limited


  • RAPDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Programme)

    Part - A (IT Implementation)

    • The Project was awarded to M/s Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on 20.07.2011 for Rs. 215 Crore (Assam Part)
    • Data Centre and Data Recovery Centre is common for all North Eastern States
    • The project is covering (67 + 5) = 72 towns. 67 towns financed by PFC. 5 towns taken by APDCL (with own finance).
    • Initiatives and progress (as on 05.03.2016) in 67 towns
    • Customer Care Center
      • Centralized Customer Care Center has been operational from 1st June, 2016 for Greater Guwahati and Nagaon Town. The same will be extended to other towns in a phased manner.
      • Consumers can dial the number 1912 (valid for all telecom service providers operating in Assam) to avail the services of our customer care agents.
      • All designated officials are able to keep track on the number of complaints registered and resolved.
      • MIS reports are being generated and the functioning of the complaint resolving mechanism has become more open to internal scrutiny enabling internal corrective measures.

    SCADA in Guwahati City (as on 01.07.2016)

    • SCADA Works (Part-A, R-APDRP): Awarded on 18.10.2012 and work is in progress
    • SCADA compatible equipments (Part-B, R-APDRP): Awarded on 20.02.2014
    • No. of Field equipments to be installed and commissioned:
      • RMUs: Total 62 nos., Installed: 62 nos. & Commissioned: 40 nos.
      • Sectionalizers: Total 174 nos., Installed: 159 nos. & Commissioned: 130 nos.
      • Autoreclosures: Total 51 nos., Installed: 48 nos. & Commissioned: 30 nos.
      • FPIs: Total 212 nos. All are installed and commissioned.

    Part - B (67 Towns) : (as on 01.07.2016)

    • R-APDRP Part-B consists of projects for distribution system strengthening and up-gradation works so as to reduce AT&C loss below 15%.
      • Renovation, modernization and strengthening of 11 kV level Substations, Transformers/Transformer Centers.
      • Re-conductoring of lines at 11kv level and below.
      • Load Bifurcation, Load Balancing.
      • Strengthening at 33 kV or 66 kV levels.
      • Installation of capacitor banks and mobile service Centres etc.
      • Aerial Bunched Conductors in populated areas.
      • Replacement of electromagnetic energy meters with tamper proof electronic meters and prepaid meters.
    • All 67 towns sanctioned & Work orders issued for all 67 towns.
    • Completion report received for 24 towns out of 67 towns. In another 22 towns works are nearing completion. Works are going on in the remaining towns. Works will be completed by February, 2017.
    • Consumer metering has been completed in all the project areas.
    • Counter Part funding by state Govt. is confirmed.
    • Ring fencing & Baseline Data completed and verified for all 67 towns by TPIEA-EA
    • Billing data submitted for 67/67 towns.
    • Certificates submitted to TPIEA for 67 towns & accepted for 67 towns by PFC.
    • Total works under R-APDRP, Part-B

    List of towns covered under R-APDRP (Total 67 towns)
    List of Non R-APDRP towns (Total 5 towns)